Featured Art

Published 14 Nov 2014 at 13:33

My 2013 painting 'Maria' was featured in Art Finder's Best of the Week newsletter, 8th Nov. I love Art Finder, it's a great site and they also offer interest free payments on orders over £300. "Pay only 10% upfront and spread the remaining cost over 6, 10 or 12 equal monthly payments." - Art Finder

Spotlight on the UK - Saatchi Art

Published 13 Oct 2014 at 22:22

My painting 'Kristine' is featured in the Spotlight on the UK collection on Saatchi Art's homepage this week. I love Saatchi Art and not just because I got featured a lot last year and was named as one of their One to Watch artists (both really great things by the way). I just think it's a great platform for artists and can wholeheartedly recommend them. Oh, and it's probably my most updated online portfolio so if you want to see available works then it's a good place to start (ArtFinder's the second most updated, just so you know!)

ArtSlant & LST Gallery

Published 13 Oct 2014 at 22:05

I've been selected as a winner in the latest ArtSlant Showcase (Abstract category). Haven't managed to win the overall category, so this type of a win is like being shortlisted if that makes sense? Still a nice thing in any case and it's something to aim for to get the overall win at some point, I'm nothing if not determined at times.


Published 26 Sep 2014 at 19:58

Brief post to tell of a lovely feature on myself and my work in this week's Mildred Magazine, an online Aussie magazine with fab features and articles. I'm chuffed to have been featured - have a look if you like! - Mildred Issue 75 -


Published 09 Aug 2014 at 09:30

Ragley Open

Published 06 Aug 2014 at 16:15

Sasha, Oil & enamel on canvas, 50 x 50 cm - 2013

RHS at Tatton Park - 26th July 2014

Published 17 Jul 2014 at 21:31

Elements Garden (Water) - Tatton 2014 - Michael Vinsun Landscape Design

Little Van Gogh

Published 03 Jul 2014 at 23:21

My 1983 calender that goes round and round in my studio... I used to work in catering at the old ICI site (Astra Zeneca), speed mopping (mopping REALLY badly very quickly), eating lots of fruit and generally having a laugh.

P&P Feature + others

Published 03 Jul 2014 at 23:05

Pen and Peplum feature, 5th of June, 2014

A post in the list style

Published 03 Jul 2014 at 22:36

My past week...

I have watched: hardly any TV (for those who don't know, I LOVE TV and I could care less how sad that is.)

I have been reading: Cricket Term by Antonia Forest. I always seem to revert back to children's books when I'm stressed or sad, although like Alan Garner, Forest's books are a little bit more than your usual children's books.

I have been laughing at: literally the funniest thing I have ever read, Antonia Forest's Marlows series in lolcat. What is LOLCAT?! I had to read up on it too, basically it's an internet thing, badly spelt nonsense printed onto a cute cat picture - 'A lolcat (pronounced /ˈlɒlkæt/ LOL-kat) is an image macro of one or [...]