The Lakes

Published 07 Jun 2014 at 21:20

I'm back from a week in the Lake District, a LOVELY week. Birds, silence, views, lovely rain, lovely sun, lichen,rocks,rhododendrons, lots of steam trains (every day James demanded to go to see more trains!), forests, lakes, lanes, architecture, rivers, Beatrix P. Good old Beatrix, such a talented woman. I loved seeing how much of a draw the Lakes are in terms of international tourism!

Gross aside, I was picking at what I thought was a scab on my arm on our last night, a scab which would not come off. I looked a little closer and the 'scab' had legs! Ha ha, yes, it was a tick! It was pretty grim but not as horrible as you might think, probably because we spotted it early. We plinked it off with a pair of nail clippers because we'd not brought any tweezers - here's a useful tick website if you're interested in the world of ticks and their removal. Turns out they're not great news or particularly funny as they spread some pretty grotty diseases.

I came home to a terrifying customs charge (£190!) from UPS for a print sample (pictured). Luckily the company who shipped me the sample paid for the customs charges and the package was released to me. So exciting, it's the first time I've seen a really good print of my work (I've never seen the Saatchi Art ones - I should order one at some point) and yes, I'm still planning to do prints myself but to be fair, I've barely got time to knit at the moment and if there are companies who'll do it for me... I tell myself that there'll be plenty of time for doing prints when the boys are at school but I'll try to squeeze it in this year like I planned to.

The company who sent the sample are in the pipeline for working with me on this sort of thing, I'll tell more when it's all settled. I'm also due to start working with Australian company Urban Road for prints, again I'll have more news soon. It's funny, I never liked the idea of prints a couple of years ago, but they're great, I've really come round to the idea as I like how accessible they are for people.

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