Summer News

Published 17 Jul 2015 at 19:53

Wowee, so it's been ages since I posted some news. Well, it's been busy over here, busy in a studio sense and I haven't had so much time to tinker with my website and other internetty things like my portfolio sites. I'll begin to update everything/everywhere in the next month or so.

All is well here, high quality prints are now available from Artist Lane, a print company based in Australia. Artist Lane work with lots of different channels to offer prints at affordable prices, they're also branching out into home furnishings so I'll be sure to let you know when I know more! You can find my page here, soon to be updated with additional artworks once I've had them photographed properly.

There's also interesting news in terms of originals available to purchase over in Australia so watch this space. These will be priced in line with the works on my Saatchi Art page but will be available to ship from Aus rather than from the UK (which I know is expensive!!). More to follow...

What else? Well, I've been trying to relax a bit more, I've been horribly stressed, so unplugging from the internet as much as possible was my first port of call. This was aided in no small way by my having a hissy fit one afternoon and breaking my laptop... It is off to the repair man this week finally after being sat/hidden in its bag for nearly a month.

Till next time!

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