Spring 2019

Published 12 Apr 2019 at 12:50

It's been ages since I last added a bit of news to the website! I've been busy at home, working on college assignments, it's the most fun returning to education, I love it. It's a great feeling taking control and making change in my life and career. After the Easter break will be my final term at Leek College, it's been a fantastic experience. Last summer I was worrying about money and looking at part-time work but feeling utterly despondent about the type of work available to me with my qualifications and feeling as though I didn't want to paint any more (I seem to go through these painting slumps, particularly after commissions). I decided I wanted to do a useful job, one which would utilise my brain and be interesting. I love the way my sister talks about her work (she's a nurse) and have good memories about some of my own experiences in the UK healthcare system, some not so good memories too of course.
With this in mind I visited an open day at Leek College, with initial plans on re-training as a mental health nurse, although after lots of research I realised that I'm not the right sort of person for that field. I also looked into occupational therapy but again, it's not quite right for me. My sister suggested radiography and after more research I decided it felt a good fit. The universities all request applicants gain shadowing experience, so I had to do that, work experience as a 35 year old... Guess what? It was fine!

The little face is above one of the entrances to the Sugden building at college, I was so glad our biology lessons were to be held in this old building, it's an absolute gem. The course I'm on (Access to HE) is intended to help mature students into higher education if they've not got the A-levels, basically a biology A-level is crammed into the year-long course, also psychology and study skills. I failed biology when I first did my A-levels, I failed it so badly! The thing is, at the time I don't think I was mature enough, I'd coasted through GCSEs and thought A-levels would be similar. Yeah, you really can't coast through a biology A-level (unless you're of superior intelligence).

One of my favourite things about college is the drive there, I have to drive down a road I used to really hate because it's so narrow in places, I've learnt to enjoy this road though. One section has an odd blue-green shade of tarmac dotted with pink, another has eroding edges of orange silty soil & tumbling rocks. It's been a weekly treat to spot the subtle colour changes in the bracken as the seasons change, currently everything is in bud and blossom is appearing everywhere. So, that's my news! Oh, and I'll be entering a couple of small paintings in this year's Staffordshire Moorlands Open exhibition, held in the building adjoining the college!

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