Saatchi Art - Yves Klein Blue

Published 02 May 2014 at 20:05

Saatchi Art - Inspired by Yves Klein Collection

Sasha (2013) is featured in one of Saatchi Art's homepage collections this week, Yves Klein Blue. I always like looking at their collections, there's some great work on that site, I always seem to find something to inspire me.

It's been yet another week of poor sleep (my baby is a terrible sleeper), I am very much an 8 hours + kind of girl sleep-wise and the past few months are starting to take their toll! That was one of the reasons I switched from oil to acrylic gouache, just for the time being as I'm getting such short spells of studio time I need the fast drying time. I keep thinking about oil though, I'm definitely going back to it soon because while acrylics are bright and fun, they lack the depth of oils (in my opinion anyway). Acrylic suits rushed painting, oil suits my standard 2 hour slots of painting time - I like a breather after a couple of hours.

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