Right now

Published 13 May 2014 at 19:27

Ollie in the studio...

Right now I am...

WASTING bags of salad. I buy them because I really should eat better and then I forget they need eating very quickly – they always look fine until you open them up and they stink!

WISHING there were more hours in a day. I need to structure my to do lists accordingly.

ENJOYING watching baby Ollie learning to cruise the furniture, he's so determined!

WAITING for a parcel in the post after I treated myself to new clothes the other day.

LIKING Instagram quite a lot second time round - I was on it for about 3 days in January and deleted it because I thought it was rubbish. This time round I’ve found more to follow, knitters and other painters, it’s great!

WONDERING nothing really, it doesn’t do to wonder. In non-selfish terms I’m wondering about a lot of stuff happening in the world, the news can be so depressing...

LOVING my family, but that goes without saying. I’m also loving my new website, it is awesome (Picmoo).

HOPING I can stick to my new workout resolution. I have got so lazy over the last couple of years!

MARVELLING at all the wonderful, generous, inspiring creatives and bloggers out there. Miranti of Pen and Peplum writes the most fantastic blog and is so open about her business and her plans.

NEEDING nothing really, maybe some jam doughnuts from Sainsbury’s

SMELLING body lotion. One of my weird New Year’s resolutions was to use up all the body lotion in the airing cupboard. I always get bought it and always forget to use it, so I have so much lotion! This resolution is going well.

WEARING dresses. I’m not the most feminine female, I brush my hair maybe 2-3 times a month and I never wear make-up. Not that those are indicators of femininity but you know what I mean. Anyway, I love dresses and didn’t even own a pair of jeans till last year.

FEELING tired, but that will get better and is improving now Ollie’s started sleeping better.

MAKING what feels like a huge number of paintings - so much fun.

COOKING a bit more than I was doing. Having two little ones really took some getting used to and I’d started banging out quick freezer/ready meals because there was NO TIME, whatever Jamie Oliver says!!! I’m on a nice compromise now with home cooking and jars rather than the ready-made which is never as tasty.

DRINKING fizzy water and mugs of tea (some of them caffeinated now I’m breastfeeding less).

READING The Essential Guide to Business for Artists by Alison Branagan & Thursbitch by Alan Garner.

WANTING nice toenails!! I have the mankiest toenails on one of my feet – the legacy of my catering days and wearing sweaty clogs for 8+ hours a day.

LOOKING at this horrible super-spiney bush in the garden, it grows so fast and so tall. I have no idea why the people who lived here before us planted it.

PLAYING ‘construction site’ with James and his army of trucks. I never call listening to music ‘playing music’, is that a British thing or a Georgie thing!? I’m listening to Logistics’ first album Now More Than Ever, I can never get enough of it.

FOLLOWING knitwear designer Ysolda Teague's progress as she hand-makes a pair of jeans

NOTICING mess, everywhere about the house.

KNOWING more about trucks, diggers and lorries than I ever imagined I would - thanks James!

THINKING about hoovering and making a cup of tea.

BOOKMARKING all sorts, I use Pinterest to keep visual scrapbooks of things I like and find inspiring. I often bookmark inspiring artists in my tool-bar, the latest was Caroline Wright.

OPENING the lids of jars because I haven’t made Ollie any fresh baby food.

GIGGLING at everything, at very silly things & at my own jokes.

FEELING tired, but that will get better and is improving now Ollie’s started sleeping better.

I traced these 'Currently' posts back via Pen & Peplum - what a nice way to take a step back and look at how things are RIGHT NOW! I always used to like answering questions, fun questions that is, not exam questions! At primary school (and with my best friends in sixth form) we used to write questionnaires for each other. I'll dig out one of the later ones at some point, I'm curious what we used to ask, probably very silly questions knowing how we were at the time!

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