RHS at Tatton Park - 26th July 2014

Published 17 Jul 2014 at 21:31

Elements Garden (Water) - Tatton 2014 - Michael Vinsun Landscape Design

Went with my sister Josie today to see my Dad's show garden over at Tatton Park in Knutsford (one of my favourite places to spend a cold winter's afternoon). It was so busy, buzzing with people everywhere all enjoying garden-y things and the hot sunshine. I didn't want to do anything but sit in my Dad's little tent and chat to him and Jo while little Oliver climbed on Dad's chair. It was a lovely visit! I'm always like that, I prefer to get to wherever I'm going and just settle in rather than go exploring, the packed tents and displays never really ever appeal to me. I had a delicious pork bap though - all the trimmings! Oh, and the other show gardens were great, I loved the overall winner of the Elements section.
Anyway, Dad's garden features lots of the elements, the sculptures mirroring the unseen movement of the air and many of the bright plants being the colour of fire, and what references Earth more than rocks do? Soil perhaps, but I don't know how you'd incorporate patches of soil into a garden plan for the RHS. My sister Sam gilded rocks of all sizes which were then dotted about here and there, some in the water feature, some nestled within the stone walls. Everyone loved the gold rocks, we all like a bit of sparkle. I'm going to persuade her to make them available to purchase from her neglected Saatchi Art profile shortly, they're such lovely things to have in the garden or about the house.

Dad's been landscaping for all of my life, we were so lucky to have an ever-changing garden as we grew up (much to my Mum's annoyance - she likes it to stay the same). I always loved Dad's sketchbooks with his spindly elegant & technically spot-on drawings of plants and his garden plans. Everything's done digitally these days so Dad's plans really stand out to me, I can appreciate them as works of art although he's always pooh-poohed that idea (he's a much better artist than I'll ever be though).

Dad won a silver medal for this garden by the way, we were all really pleased for him, he works so hard and it's great to get recognition. The judges were good enough to go round and explain their marking too - I thought that was really nice of them, helpful too!

Elements Garden (Water) - Tatton 2014 - Michael Vinsun Landscape Design

Gold rocks dotted around the garden made by my sister Samantha

Water feature in Dad's 'Elements' garden.

Planting/sculpture in Dad's 'Elements' garden, RHS Tatton 2014

Some of Sammy's stacked gold rocks - these proved really popular!

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