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Published 03 Jul 2014 at 23:05

Pen and Peplum feature, 5th of June, 2014

Ah! I've been so washed out with family stuff (immediate and extended family) that I forgot to add my lovely feature on Pen & Peplum.
I am a complete weirdo and will periodically google myself because I collect blog features on my work. I am aware just how egomaniacal that is but I can't help myself! Luckily the nastiest things I have found about my work so far are along the lines of 'my kid could paint that' and I've been hearing that old chestnut since I was at college. Below are a few more recent finds, What is Art? was one I found particularly impressive, I wish I could write that well.

What is Art? Lovely, clever blog and a fantastic feature on a piece from my favourite series of works.

Sky Parlour blog. Amazing Australian furniture and homewares shop, they also write a really inspiring blog and feature interesting designers and makers. I was very flattered to have been featured.

Ha ha! Looking at my profile picture I was noticed something my mum is always telling me, that I need to use Pearl Drops toothpaste. I generally always have yellow-y teeth and don't care about it, I drink that much tea and it doesn't hurt my teeth, just stains them and what does that matter!? Mum has been on a mission with my teeth and skincare regime (non-existent) for years. One Christmas I found a tube of Pearl Drops in my stocking!

Pretty and Fresh blog - doesn't 'Claire' look great as a background image? I find all these bloggers really inspiring, they're so clever with design. I'm really poor at computer stuff, I know enough to get by and if I have any problems I just ask Rich who patiently explains whatever it is to me while I let my mind wander, occasionally saying 'oh right!' and 'uhuh'.

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