Published 23 Jun 2014 at 21:33

Camera too low...

Took some pictures for Art Finder's new shop aspect (one I really like), namely 'Me At Work'. I'm so nosey, I love seeing artists at work or should I say 'at work' because I bet most of them have tidied up/staged some shots in much the same way as I do. If I showed you all of how I really work I'd be a bit embarrassed! Yes, I do odd bits and light painting in my civvies as pictured, but I do work work in a weird old pyjama/free t-shirt combo. I should get over myself and do a Real Me At Work some time.

I'm really enjoying the weather here at the moment, it's always so nice to have sunshine and to be able to go outside & feed the birds of a morning without a cardigan on. It's always so brief the good weather, I love how happy it makes everyone, I always notice couples out walking & holding hands when it's sunny. On Sunday we went to the park and flew a kite, James ran around, Oliver climbed on us and there were wild flowers everywhere.

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