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Published 18 Apr 2014 at 13:26

Roseanna, part of the new series for Little Van Gogh - 100 x 100 cm (39 x 39"), 2014

Note from Nana

I've randomly acquired a new website and I'm so pleased with it!!! It's by Picmoo and has been a revelation after my previous website platform which was slow and hard for me to use. This one's so easy even I can make something great from it (and I find Wordpress hard!), it's fast to upload too.

A new website means sifting through all my old, old photos, some shockingly tiny and poor quality although in my defence, we were still being taught to take photos with film cameras while I was studying, although I failed that module by avoiding it and would probably have learnt a lot if I'd attended. I found a nice little photo of a thank you note my Nana sent after I'd painted her a surprise picture for her newly decorated spare room.

Other than setting up my new website and binging on chocolate, I've been really busy with painting my new series on 100 x 100 cm canvases (11 in total) for a project with Little Van Gogh. The new works will be available to purchase directly from Little Van Gogh & will be priced at £525 each - excluding postage. You can get in touch with myself or the team at Little Van Gogh if interested.

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