Published 09 Aug 2014 at 09:30

Artfinder had a recent promotional piece in the UK home design magazine Livingetc and they used my piece 'Carey' as one of their 'range of art styles' images - can't think what else to call it. Nice to see a piece used in print, the last time that happened was when 'Celestine' was used in an issue of the Stylist (advertising an online gallery if I remember correctly!). Nobody bothered to tell me my image had been used at the time, luckily I had two lovely ladies randomly got in touch and sent me their copies of the magazine, which I still have because it's nice for me and I hoard stuff like that - and I always smile about how kind people can be when I open my drawer and see those mags. Will take a snap of the tiny article if I remember in the next few days, in fact I'll snap my 'hoard drawer', that should make for a nice little blog post!

Hope everyone's enjoying the subtle shift from summer to autumn, I notice little things every day and they make me want to paint.

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