Holiday time

Published 29 May 2014 at 21:04

'Kitty Blue' - 100 x 100 cm, painted many moons ago (2004)

I've been taking a break from painting over the last week or so, since the last of the acrylic gouache series was wrapped and shipped off. I feel quite lost actually! Totally done with the acrylics for now, I'm planning to get back to my oils but am sort of stuck with what I want to paint. I like to paint my works in series and I don't like to force myself to paint when I really don't want to. I always found that hard while I was studying, having to work or appear to be working even though I wasn't feeling it.

It's the change in seasons, so we're moving into summer and all the plants are doing their thing, taking over, growing wild - this always makes me feel a little anxious, only because it always reminds me of Time (had to have a capital letter), Time and change and perhaps not the meaning of life but something like that. I'm not too hung up on the meaning of life, I'm quite relaxed about that, however I feel quite attuned to the past for some reason, it's probably my imagination but I feel so strongly when I'm anywhere with visual history or simply somewhere quite wild (nature again). Such strange & strong emotion, not the blubbing kind, more a deep and reflective kind.

In Congleton there is a town museum and in the museum is an ancient boat, it's about 4000 years old. Amazing. I stood and looked at it for such a long time, completely out of context but to preserve it, naturally it had to be. What a thing, what a lot of things have happened in all those years since that boat was hewn, all that time, all those lives. I love to think of the land before we spread across it. Actually, you can see where they found the boat if I remember correctly, you have to walk through the arboretum at the back of the Swettenham Arms (a 16th Century Inn) and right at the edge is farmland - vast fields which I remember also gave me that odd feeling, like looking at the land as it might have been once upon a time (even though it was being farmed and there was a great big tractor ploughing at the time!).

In summary, I don't know what I am going to paint next, I will be off next week (somewhere wild) and then I will get back into the studio and try to put some of this waffle to canvas. Hopefully it will end up a bit lighter than the Et in Arcadia Ego series which was pretty but a little dark.

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