Blog Thinking

Published 12 May 2014 at 10:02

Morning studio with the curtains drawn..

I've been reading the blog of Aussie designer maker Miranti (of Pen and Peplum) since she featured my piece Vanessa a couple of months ago. I can heartily recommend her blog to everyone thinking about re-designing their website/branding, also to creatives who are simply interested in the journey of other creatives!

One thing I like is how she thinks through things, why she writes her own blog for example. It made me think 'Why do I bother to blog?', my blog posts here have been boring at best so far. I was wondering, who's actually interested that my work's featured here and there apart from myself (naturally... I like that sort of thing!) oh, and my mum and dad!! The blogs I like to read seem to have lots of pictures and focus on process, studio and little snapshots into the life of other artists and makers. To that end I think I'm going to try to blog a little differently, so I'll still add my boring blog posts with news and events but I'll keep them short and maybe save them up so there's only one a month! I'll add the type of posts I used to enjoy making on my original google blog, the Week in the Life project for example - lots of images but not so many words. I find it so hard to write, I've never been very good at it and feel as though I labour over every sentence and let's face it, I haven't enough time as it is without piddling about trying to write!

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