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Published 13 Oct 2016 at 21:49

I was contacted the other day by David Lange, a fellow artist based in Shelbyville in the States. David creates the most fantastic images, his use of colour is truly sublime - I particularly like his telephone poles. David got in touch to let me know he'd written a blog featuring my work and wow, he writes beautifully. It was a great time for him to get in touch because I'd had a rubbish week and his post cheered me up no end. You can read the blog post here and view more of David's work here.

Bloom - Pink - by David Lange

Seeds - Blush - by David Lange

Do you know what I find most impressive about David's work? Yes, his use of colour is perfect, but he makes his paintings using Adobe Illustrator (to me this is amazing in itself!). This will sound silly but I can barely make my way around Photoshop, so people using this type of technology to create artwork is quite amazing to me, I love it.

I remember spending a week in the graphics department at college while I was doing my Art Foundation course. I couldn't work Photoshop at all back then, and I remember my classmates all dilligently working at the computers, making impressive designs with the software while I wandered about the department, went to the photocopier, the cafe, anything to avoid working. I ended up with what was essentially a print-out of every effect I could find in the Filter section (rushed on the last day after a telling off for mucking about). I felt so lost and distincly loath to learn, I still struggle with this, Rich will sit down with me, carefully explain how to do whatever I want to do in Photoshop, and I find my mind drifting, a little like Homer Simpson's does sometimes!
It's become easier as I've persisted with the software but I'll not lie, I do still bodge my way around sometimes.

Telephone Pole - November - by David Lange

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