Published 17 Feb 2016 at 19:53

You might catch a glimpse of my painting 'Motoko' on tonight's DIY SOS if you look closely near to the end. The team used my image file to make up a print of it for the home they're fixing up in this episode. I won't be screen-grabbing any images because this is a family's home, also, I seem to remember the contract I signed told me not to do that sort of thing - makes perfect sense really.

I remember when they contacted me I thought that they were asking for the actual painting and I thought it was quite short notice to have to get it to them in the time-frame required. I finished the edges up and then re-read what I'd been sent and realised that they were going to do a print! Ha ha, again, this makes sense because it would be risky to put an original in someone's home. Risky in the sense that they may hate it and feel obliged to keep it or feel guilty for putting it in the loft!

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