Art Slant Prize

Published 09 Sep 2016 at 16:49

I entered Round 7 of this year's Art Slant Prize; I only remembered to do so at the last minute and had to spend ages in Photoshop getting the image cropped correctly. Lucky I bothered, I was one of the winners in the abstract category. You can see the image below, it's Fuu, a 2016 painting I'm really fond of.

One of my pages on Art Slant, any awards they've given you are visible here.

Art Slant's Under the Radar feature.

Today I had an email letting me know that my profile was being featured this week in their Under the Radar feature. Good news! I'm so glad that I figured out how to crop the more interestingly shaped paintings... That turned out to be a really easy thing to do as well!

It's lovely to have other people being so positive about my painting, I've had a really odd couple of years with my painting, trying out lots of things, saying yes to every opportunity (I think I've finally learnt to say no), and generally losing direction totally, or so I thought. I feel as though everything is slowly coming together a bit better now, I certainly feel a lot happier.

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