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Published 29 Jul 2016 at 12:07

I am really pleased to share the news that my paintings are now on Art Pistol, a gallery located in Glasgow and online. I was really chuffed to get my work back on their website after I left them a couple of years ago (I was trying to simplify things by having my work on fewer sites). Art Pistol have an amazing collection of artists (hence why I am chuffed to be amongst them), some seriously inspiring painting (I really love the work of painter Eleanor Carlingford).

"Art Pistol is the sort of art gallery that the internet and Glasgow needs – we hear you. Giving emerging artists a real shot, and generally promoting the very best of independent UK and international artists. We’ve been online and popping up all over Glasgow and Scotland since 2011, before settling in the beautiful cobbled Cresswell Lane in the wonderful West End of Glasgow early 2014.

People have been buying art based on photographs for over a hundred years and today we do it online. We make it simple and provide all the functionality and security you should expect when buying online. Not to mention the outstanding art."

Oh, and they run the Own Art scheme which allows you to spread the cost of your purchase over a 10 month period, interest-free. There's also the option of making an offer on a piece that you love. I like this, mainly because I've always been more of a fan of getting art sold and enjoyed. I would say that you should never shy away from making an offer on artwork, most artists wouldn't mind or be offended by this.

You can find the Art Pistol gallery at : 5 Cresswell Lane, Glasgow, G12 8AA. Open Wed-Fri 10-5.30 & Sat-Sun 11-5. Keep an eye out here for news of any exhibitions I've sent work over for.

You can find Art Pistol's website here. Social Media links - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

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